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Proper tire care can save a lot of money on tire expenses, and most importantly keep you and your occupants a lot safer as well. Tire industry experts recommend a quick inspection of your tires, including the spare, at least once a month. You might find the acronym P-A-R-T helpful to remember four extremely important tire maintenance & safety tips: Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread.

The most common cause for tire failure is under-inflation. Without the proper pressure, tires are subject to irregular wear and can be the cause for loss of control leading to unnecessary accidents.

Did you know that a tire can lose up to 50% of its air pressure without even appearing to be flat?

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause a vehicle to pull to one side or the other unnecessarily. Hitting a curb or pothole can alter the alignment causing uneven wear of your tires. A tire with uneven wear is far more prone to blow out and or substantially shorten its life.

Be sure to have the alignment checked periodically by your service provider, twice per year is recommended!

It's good practice to regularly rotate your tires to maintain even wear and prolong tire life. Most vehicle manuals have a recommendation for tire rotation. In the event yours doesn't, the industry advises they be rotated every 10,000 kilometers.

Since your tires are the only contact between you and the road, it's a great idea to have your service provider inspect them carefully each and every time your car is serviced. I'm sure you'll find they'll do this for you complimentary.