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The part of the engine where waste gases are produced and released is the exhaust system. There is a group of pipes that connect the muffler, the most important part of the exhaust, and the engine. The Muffler has a number of holes internally which lessen the pressure of exhaust gases rushing out through the pipes. The Muffler reduces noise levels because it contains reflectors that deflect the sound of the engine. Finally, the tailpipe protrudes from the rear of the car and is the part that is actually seen. These exhaust pipes are an indispensible part of the car as the fumes exit from the car through them.

The exhaust system has to perform innumerable functions. The fuel efficiency of the car depends on it for the enhancement of the performance of the engine, reduction of noise levels within the car, and to direct toxic exhaust fumes to the outside parameter of the vehicle . The exhaust should be tuned to maximize productivity and speed. Correct combination of resonators, pipes, manifolds and mufflers is an important part of car maintenance.

Oversized pipes defeat good speed. Nor is the opposite true. If the pipes are too small, flow is restricted resulting in loss of power. But, having said that, small pipes are better than big ones, especially if driving in a city.

Incorrect component or improper installation of car mufflers can create performance issues. So mufflers should be selected by flow, not size, since size does not impact performance.

Generally car exhaust systems last long, but frequent short trips, generating internal moisture can corrode them prematurely. Noise produced by a worn out exhaust system is often detectible, usually when corrosion has made external holes allowing noxious fumes to be emitted. In this condition the vehicle will fail an Emission Test. For your safety, have the system inspected and restored as quickly as possible. We are the experts in Thornhill exhaust repair and exhaust replacement.

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