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Important Reminder for your Safety and Reliability

Questions and concerns have been brought to our attention by many customers about the increasing length of time between service intervals. Quality manufacturing of motor vehicles, oils and fluids have allowed the many new car manufacturers to lengthen the time between Scheduled Maintenance intervals. As attractive as this may seem, the industry and the consumer have identified a very real concern with this concept, especially in Canada where weather conditions are far more extreme

6 Months, 8,000Kms / 12 Months, 24,000Kms, to mention a couple, is far too long for any vehicle to travel without having vital oils, fluids and safety items more frequently inspected.

Many vehicle owners have voluntarily opted for more frequent visits to their Service Provider i.e. Between Scheduled Maintenance intervals specifically to have that “Quick Check” for Safety and Reliability.

So call today and we’ll schedule your vehicle in for a time that works best for you. Our Shuttle Service is always available to get you where you need to go in the event your vehicle is in for the day.