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Peck History

It was December 1, 1972...
And a young Dave Peck, along with his brothers, opened the doors to a new automotive service company - aptly named Thornhill Shell. For them it was exiting challenge and a dream come true, all at the same time. In 1974 they incorporated and became Peck Brothers Limited and shortly thereafter acquired a second Shell Service Station in Uxbridge Ontario. Here we are more than thirty-five years later, the Peck Brothers are still doing what they do best...and that's servicing and maintaining YOUR VEHICLE!

The times may have changed, and economic recessions may have come and gone, however through it all Peck Brothers continued to thrive, partly due to their ability to embrace change, and partly because they stubbornly refused to compromise on customer service: "Only those paying attention are left standing, those ones willing to follow the consumer trends and service their clients the way they'd expect to be serviced." - Dave Peck, Owner

Today Keith Bowser (who joined over 25 years ago as a young apprentice) is now the Shop Manager and between Keith and his team of technicians, there really isn't anything they can't service, fix, or resolve on your vehicle. There's over a century's combined experience down in those service bays...and it shows.

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Enco History

Enco Auto Trim & Glass has been serving the greater Toronto area since 1958.

Enco grew to a small chain of four shops in the good old days. Good Franchisees were hard to come by though, so the plan of continued growth eventually shrunk back to two.

Enco specialized in auto glass replacement, auto and marine upholstery, convertible tops, sunroofs, to mention just a few of the many services required in the auto industry. It provided these services in an era when people owned there vehicles for longer periods of time. Interior upholstery repairs were quite common through simple wear and tear, cigarette burns etc. Convertible tops required repair or replacement from time to time and not just anyone could perform that service. Even New Car Dealers, used (and still do today), the services of Enco shops as the provided services are so specialized.

Glass replacement was common in those days, roads were more primitive, many in fact were surfaced with gravel and glass replacement shops were fewer and far between.

Oh ya, there was also collector car buffs in those days that appreciated the talents of a good qualified Trim Shop to assist in restoring their antique cars and trucks they so cherished. They're also still with us today.

Not much has changed today, people still require all the same services as in the past. However, vehicles have become far more sophisticated, French seams in the upholstery, far more leather content, many more color options and overall interior detail. Convertible tops retracting in conjunction with power window synchronization. We've maintained the knowledge and skills required to survive in this industry.

Combine the fact that vehicles are made much better these days, with the fact that many trim shops were unable to withstand the technology changes over the years, has resulted in fewer Glass and Trim Shops surviving to serve the industry.

We are proud to be one of the few authentic Glass and Trim Shops that remains standing and look forward to a future of steady growth, as it appears that the average person is reverting back to owning that vehicle, for a longer period of time.